Welcome to the LIDC Congress 2021!


We are thrilled to announce you that the LIDC Congress 2021 will take place from 22nd to 24th of September 2021.

This year the event is organized virtually and physically in order to offer everyone the opportunity to participate in a special health context.

The organizers have been creative and will offer you a program mixing technology and dynamic quality content. Most of the speakers will be present on site in Brussels.

Do disruptive innovations call for disruptive competition law enforcement?

Competition practitioners are increasingly exposed to questions related to innovative industries, ranging from the role of AI, access to data, or the point in the value chain where licences are available. Do these questions call for a (fundamental) revision of competition rules or the way they are applied? Has the mainstream economics paradigm lost track?

Come and hear first-hand answers from top-level enforcers, practitioners and economists. Hopefully in-person in Brussels!


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Charles Gheur,                                                Carmen Verdonck,
President of AEDC / VSMR                                President of LIDC